MTB RACES (All Categories)


As well as enjoyable riding, the Bike Festival will also offer exciting racing.

No matter if you are a professional or a hobby-biker that site, you can participate in the different categories of the MTB races.

The Boy Konen- Josy Mersch Circuit combines all the ingredients of a real bike race: technical up- and downhills, orientation distances and different types of paths.

All in very diverse surroundings.

Challenge yourself, compete with others and sign up to the MTB race on Sunday afternoon!

Licensed and unlicensed When: Sunday June 12, during the Bike Festival at the Boy Konen stadium in Cessange.
New: Circuit relaying the Boy Konen Stadium with the Cyclo Cross track of the Josy Mersch center.

Distance of one lap: 6,1 KM

Difficulty: medium

Special: Passage through the big tent for exhibitors and visitors

Registration: Price: 1 free t-shirt per participant included Adults: 10€ per person Children: 5€ per child Of which 10% for the association SOS Children’s Villages

Start at 14:30 pm Category: All categories Distance: 5 laps

Rankings: Men and Women under 18 over 18

Bikes: Normal MTB e-MTB

In the context of the Bike Festival we will have a new event with the Essential Night Biathlon, a teambuilding competition, the Velo Center Goedert Night Gravel Tour, the Jump Contest, the Lalux family bike ride and races for youngsters, in collaboration with the Pedale Millebaach.

Date and Time : 12th of June | 14h30 – 17h00