Lalux Family Road Bike Rides 2021


Luxembourg is a very beautiful country that offers great opportunities for cycling alone, with friends or with the family.

Are you looking for an easy ride with children?

This year BIKE Festival Luxembourg 2021 launch’s 2 family road bicycle rides of 40km & 60km.

The registration costs 10€ for adults and 5€ for kids and students.

Each participant will receive a Bike Festival Water Bottle and a Track Map.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions there is.

No refueling during the ride.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory. The minimum age of participation is 10 years.

Randonnée 43KM

Total distance: 43.43 km
Total climbing: 546 m
Download file: LALUX 43km - BIKE Festival Luxembourg 2021.gpx


Randonnée 67KM

Total distance: 66.7 km
Total climbing: 584 m
Download file: LALUX 67km - BIKE Festival Luxembourg 2021.gpx